Purchase option

Free program

The standard version of TaxMode contains all income tax computations, reports, charts and Tax Form details. This is the version that gets installed on your PC from the download. It contains all program functions available in the Quick input mode and is provided to you at no charge. It is absolutely free. Just download and start using.

Premium functions

The standard version can be upgraded to include a number of premium functions if needed. An upgraded installation will add the following functions-

1. Expandable Input mode - Includes Full and Flex modes
2. Startup option - Option to auto load the last case at startup
3. Startup location - Change default position on the desktop
4. Menu on top - Conventional program menu at the top line
5.Mouse-over tooltip - Option to activate or deactivate such tips
6. Default display - Show values or a graphic chart display
7. Print results - Print reports and charts with the F10 key
8. Stay on top - Calculator can stay on top of other apps
9. Instant computations - Choice between instant or on demand
10. Customization - Customize the titles and button labels

The upgraded version qualifies for all tax and program related updates for a year.

To activate premium functions you need an Activation Code. This code for an installation can be purchased here or from within TaxMode by clicking the Settings button. You must be connected to internet for this upgrade to be installed. The upgrade cost is $49.95. As a special introductory offer this upgrade is available for a limited time for only $10.

To upgrade do the following-
1. Download and install the latest version of TaxMode
2. Run TaxMode (click on its icon on your desktop)
3. Click on Settings
5. If you have already obtained the activation code, enter it here.    Otherwise Click on I need an activation code
Follow the secured payment process with a major credit card. Upon successful transaction and obtaining the activation code return to this screen and enter it here. Your upgrade will be completed and the activation code will be shown in green.